Vision & Mission


Envoy Group vision is to remain the supplier of choice in all industries we serve. We are customer driven with quality services and products that conform to mutually agree upon requirements. Our goal is to perform our functions correctly the first time and always. We strive to be the best in our field of operations. To do so, we have adopted the following mission.


For Our Customer

  • To be the best relative to overall performance and attention to customer needs.
  • To provide a wide array of quality products that maximize value to our consumers.
  • To be recognized as an innovator in enhanced products and services that solves customers’ problems and reduces cost.

For Our Employees

  • To provide the best quality and enviable work environment based upon teamwork and involvement.
  • To achieve the industry's highest employee productivity.

For Our Shareholders

  • To achieve long-term growth income with consistently attractive returns on capital.
  • To uphold the great image of the company which we are so proud to be part of.