Soap Production

Envoy Oil Industries Ltd is a household name in Nigeria with its subsidiaries involved in so many things. One of such subsidiaries is the Niger Soap Industry which the products almost derived its name from the sub-parent’s name.

Niger Soap Industry is involved in the manufacture of household products like laundry and toilet soaps Envoy Niger Soap Plant was built in the year 2003 and started its operation in November 2004. Our product went into market in January 2005. The plant was solely built for the production of laundry, toilet soap and soap noodles.

The technology deployed in this field is one of its best in the soap industries.

Range of Soaps Produced by Envoy Niger Soap Plant and their Unique/Special Qualities

The brands/ranges of laundry soap produced by ENVOY are as follows:

  • Niger Bar Soap (AKA Unique or Niger Extra Large) 750g
  • Niger Tablet 1 (Green) 150g
  • Niger Tablet 2 (Green) 120g
  • Niger Tablet 2B (Green) 100g
  • 30 x 500 Bar Soap 500g
  • Niger Translucent Tablet 150g
  • Niger Unique Best Yellow 750g
  • Niger Unique Best Orange 750g
  • Niger Antiseptic and Multipurpose White

The Brand/Ranges of Envoy Toilet Soaps

1. Niger Laundry Soap :

The Niger Laundry Soaps is one of the best soaps widely in use in Nigeria and some West African homes. The Niger soap industry has about 8 different brands of laundry soap ranging from various sizes and shapes.

2. Niger Bar Soap (AKA Unique) :

This is the first green premium brand of the Niger soap industry as the name implies it is very unique in its size (750) and has quality that makes it exceptional.

The unique blend of oils involved in its production makes it an excellent choice for many homes in Nigeria. It combines stability and foaming as it is very soluble in water which gives it edge over so many soaps, making it an excellent cleanser. Its fragrance is very special and gives a lasting effect to the fabric or materials which it cleanses.

3. Niger Tablets 1, 2, & 2B :

These are the same brand of soap but only differ in shapes and sizes. Their formulations are the same. The only difference between the tablets and the bar is the tablet forms the qualities in the Niger bar soap retains. In terms of quality they are the same. Their shades are green. They make excellent washing agent.

4. Niger Translucent Soap :

Due to increased research and development, the Niger Soap Industries developed a new brand of product called Niger Translucent Soap.

This brand tends to bridge the gap between consumers who prefer to wash white materials or brilliant white materials with detergent which tends to be harsh on the fabrics. So many other consumers prefer to wash with this brand than the conventional green soap. So in order to bridge this gap, the Niger Translucent Soap is developed to solve the problem. The soap has a very powerful and unique quality that is, a total soap with no elements of impurities. It sometimes serves a dual purpose of being used as a bathing soap because of its splendid fruit-like perfume. Its lathering ability is second to none.

The Niger Translucent Soap has replaced so many domestic soaps as its development was well thought out. It is a product of choice.

5. Niger Unique Best (Pale Yellow & Orange) :

These are very special products derived from our premium green soap. They are excellent products designed to take care of fabrics of special colours. Because of its excellent nature and use, it is adopted by so many people to do a job that they were not purposely made for.

They are produced with utmost precision of quality. It lathers so well and cleanses even brighter and it shows. They are products for every home.

6. Niger Toilet Soaps :

Apart from laundry soaps, Niger Soap Industry produces an array of toilet soaps.

Notable among these brands are:

  • Niger Beauty Soap
  • Niger Transparent Soap
  • 1. Niger Beauty Soap :
  • The Niger Beauty Soap has sub-brands like the Niger Beauty Spring Green, Niger Beauty Pink Desire and Niger Beauty Heavenly Blue. Each of these brands has its unique and special formulation.

    All the brands are formulated with natural extract that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It smoothens, softens and relaxes the skin, while making it succulent. Its emollient and humectant nature makes it a product with exceptional qualities. It is enriched with Vitamin E needed in the human skin.

  • 2. Niger Transparent Soap :
  • These are products made from extreme scientific research and calculated accuracy. It is the dawn of a new era in the world of toilet soaps in Nigeria. It is a special formulation designed to give a perfect finish.

    The principle here is the formulation of a product in such a way that some appreciable amount of light passes through it. It is a unique formulation without stain. The Transparent toilet soap is a skin conditioner. It smoothens, softens and relaxes the skin while leaving it moist. It is an excellent choice in toilet soap.